my name is Santosh,

I'm a Geospatial Specialist born in Mumbai, grew up in Jakarta, lived in Texas and currently living in New Zealand.


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Who am I?

Hello, my name is Santosh, I'm a Geospatial Specialist working at Texas Tech University.

Experienced in geodatabase development, geoprocessing techniques, the use of GPS for field data collection, and the use of ArcGIS Server and mobile technologies to develop web mapping applications.

My aim is to secure a position in an organization that offers challenge and opportunity for my career development and at the same time serve the organization to the best of my capabilities. I would like to gain new skills while utilizing my current area of expertise of GIS work-flows and analyses, web application development, GIS team management, and GIS education within a positive team environment.


Geographic Information Systems Workflows, Mapping and Analyses

ArcGIS Server and Esri APIs
Geoserver, Openlayers and Leaflet APIs
Quantum GIS
Python GIS Programming

Web Design and Web Development

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Asp, and pHp
Visual Studio
.NET and Java
MS SQL and PostgreSQL

GIS Education and Training

In Class Instruction
Course Development


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More About Me....

Enough about my proffessional life... Let me tell you something more about myself.

I was born in India, and spent my childhood in Mumbai. Living in Mumbai is an amazing experience. It's a treat to all of my senses: the food, the festivals and all the colors and joy that come with it. Living in such a diverse city gave me the opportunity to learn a variety of Indian lanugages and experience the diversity of Indian culture. Although I didn't know it then, after a countless number of visits back, I am still mesmerized by the smells and sights of this huge metropolis.
Click here to view the my map of places I have visited in India

At the age of 12, I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, where my father was working in a Dye Stuff (Colors for clothes) company. I still remember the excitement. I have always loved travelling and exploring new places. In the begining it was a tough, new language, new food and new cultures. But it wasn't too long that I was drawn to the cosmopolitan that is Jakarta. Soon I picked up the language, fell in love with the food and made some life lasting friends.This massive city in middle of a rain forest on an island, surrounded by the pacific is certainly a hidden treasure.I spent my high school years here and graduated in the Summer of 2001. A part of me will always be in Jakarta. But like all things, this must come to an end as well and it was time to move on to the next chapter in my life- Lubbock, Texas, USA.
Click here to view the my map of places I have visited in Indonesia

I came to Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas at the age of 17 to start my undergraduate degree. I graduated in the Winter of 2006 with my Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Geophysics. Then, I went on to pursue a graduate program in Economics. This is when I discovered GIS and immideately realized, that this is what I wanted to pursue as a career. I graduated with my Masters of Arts in Economics and a minor in GIS. I then worked as a GIS programmer, GIS coordinator and now a GIS research associate at Texas Tech. I also teach and support graduate research in GIS.

My stay in the US has been a very enlighting and rich experience. I have travelled extensively in the country, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Living in the US is a completely different experience than living in Asia. The lifestyle, the values and social fabric of the two regions are completely different. This opened up various avenues for self-introspection, philosopical thought and growth. I gained a lot of new intesests mainly consisting of outdoor activities. I tried to grab every opportunity I could to incorporate geography and technology in to my liesure life. Click here to view the my map of places I have visited in the United States of America


My body of work

Application Development

I was principal developer for all of the above projects. I was also responsible for communicating with grant sponsors regulary for project coordination and technology transfer.

GIS Workflows and Analyses


Provides a planting forecast tool for Cotton farmers using National Weather Service forecasts and current soil temperatures. Click here to view the application

The Atlas of the Great Plains traces developments in the Great Plains with charts, statistics and a strong narrative. The Atlas contains a series of maps which show natural regions, open space, water resources, trade flows and migration patterns. The Atlas provides a critical resource to people and companies in the region, and become a sharp rejoinder to the “buffalo commons” narrative so widely accepted along the coasts.Click here to Explore the Atlas

Instructor of Geographic Information Science and Technology courses in GPS and Internet Mapping. Responsible for teaching and assessing students in the undergraduate and graduate level. Topics include fundamentals of GPS, ArcPad, Trimble Juno, Terra Sync, Pathfinder office, basics of web development, ArcGIS Online, ESRI APIs, Mapservices, Databases, ArcSDE, HTML, javascript, and css.

A class trip to Palo Duro Canyons for data collection and mapping the geocaches

This program provides relevant geospatial training specially designed for first responders (including emergency managers), Homeland Security directors, National Guard units, fire and police personnel, designated logistics individuals and local government employees' assigned specialized duties during emergencies. This training is being provided to the Texas State guard for use in wide area damage assessment that will focus on how geospatial activities can be used after natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and tornadoes. This training includes ways to develop, manage and disseminate geospatial databases so critical infrastructure is maintained at an acceptable level of accuracy to carry out regular service delivery as well as provide vital data to support emergencies.

To facilitate research on groundwater recharge, a comprehensive playa geodatabase and web mapping application (PWD) was designed developed focused on the area overlying the Ogallala Aquifer. Together, the geodatabase and web application provide researchers, water managers and the public with the information and tools necessary to support decisions concerned with water management and wetland preservation.Click here to vist the Playas and Wetlands Geodatabase

The atlas provides an information resource of the land, the people, and the agricultural economy of the region that is served by the Ogallala Aquifer and compares that to the rest of the state. The Texas Maps section is organized into three categories: Agriculture, Demographic Trends and Physical Landscape. Also provided is a description of each map including the source data information. All maps are provided in PDF format. Click here to visit the Ogallala Page

When rural districts were established, they maintained their tax parcel information on paper maps.In recent years, these appraisal districts are in the process of converting their paper maps into digital format.The appraisal district project consists of physical design, concepts and procedures necessary to create a geographic information system (GIS) geodatabase of easements for the appraisal district, which combine the paper map management and appraisal information into one system.

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Visual Memories

"Photography is pretty simple stuff. You just react to what you see, and take many, many pictures..."

Elliott Erwitt

Photography for me started of as a way to capture memories. Since I started venturing out into the wilderness I wanted to preserve those moments as i didn't know if I would be back to visit! So, I started clicking away and got curious into the techniques. So, I am still a work in progress... But don't shy away from checking out my albums..

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